Signs that a performing artiste is stressed

Everyone experiences stress at different points in their lives. The truth is, we would continue to experience stress even when we are not doing anything.

To combat stress, the hack is to put in some strategies that would help you deal with stress.

Performing artistes are not left out when it comes to stress. These creatives are more likely to experience stress at a fast rate because of the undue pressure they face.

Many skilled and gifted performing artistes are under pressure to perform and entertain their audience.

When they don’t perform as expected, they face lots of backlash and criticism which can force them to draw into their shells.

Many fans don’t care about how their favorite creative performs, provided they can satisfy their needs, they are good to go.

Performing artistes need to always watch out for themselves especially when it comes to stress. This is important in preventing possible health problems associated with stress.

Here are some of the signs of stress in a performing artiste

Emotional symptoms

One of the ways to know when a performing artiste is stressed is when they are always moody and frustrated.

On some occasions, they will feel overwhelmed and out of control. Other emotional symptoms are avoiding public places, low self-esteem, difficulty when relaxing, etc.

Physical symptoms

Some of the physical symptoms of stress in performing artistes are headaches, low energy, upset stomach, insomnia, colds and infections, and aches.

Other symptoms include dry mouth, loss of sexual desire, nervousness, chest pain, etc.

Behavioral symptoms

The common behavioral symptoms in performing artistes are procrastination, loss of appetite, use of drugs and alcohol, gambling, etc.

When you experience stress, it is normal because it is part of life. However, if your stress becomes chronic, it can cause some grave health problems.

Therefore, it is important to seek help from a mental health counselor. You will be able to figure out some healthy ways that can help you manage different stressors.

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