Only few people can identify with the kind of lifestyle that performing artistes live. What they basically do for a living is to get on stage, and perform, thereby keeping the audience either amused or entertained.

Achieving this is usually herculean and this is why they spend countless hours rehearsing so that their performance can come out as projected.

Performing artistes live lives that are very challenging. Often times, they have to deal with mental health problems like anxiety, depression and the likes.

As a matter of fact, it is correct to say that, they are the set of people who are more prone to mental health problems than a good number of other people.

Usually, performing artistes encounter addiction during the course of seeking ways to handle stress and stage fright. It is not easy having to face a large crowd of people and entertain them.

Therefore, some performing artistes would take some substances that would help them achieve this. Based on studies, performing artistes are addicted to drugs and alcohol most of the times.

One of the ways of preventing performing artistes from being addicted, is to integrate the counseling factor into their industry.

This set of people would not readily open up to their family and friends concerning what they are facing. So, they would readily keep to themselves or receive ill-advice from fellow acts.

However, once there is a counseling unit is in place, it would come in handy for their overall mental health treatment. They would be able to thrive effectively in their career without any hindrances.

Another way is getting the audience to appreciate performing acts even if their presentation is not really top-notch.

Performing acts are usually faced with lots of criticisms, and this makes it impossible for some of them to remain afloat. They need all the support they can get so that they can thrive to do better.

Performing acts are advised that when it looks like they are struggling with their mental health, they should reach out for help from the right quarters.

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