Addiction Treatment for Performance Artists

Performance artists face a number of challenges that other working professionals have never been exposed to. The performing arts require the sensitivity it takes to envision and execute a quality performance, yet they also require the thick skin it takes to endure unkind audiences, grueling rehearsal schedules and a traveling lifestyle. Many performance artists cannot handle the pressures of life on stage and succumb to addiction while trying and failing to cope in a healthy way. Mental health professionals are aware that life as a performing artists is particularly hard on a person’s mental health. Because of this, there are addiction treatment programs designed specifically for performance artists.

In an inpatient rehabilitation center that offers programs specifically for performance artists, the first step of treatment will be a complete detoxification for those who have been abusing a substance. A person needs their bodily chemistry to be balanced and healthy in order to face the challenges of addiction treatment. Detoxes are medically supervised to prevent clients from entering into dangerous withdrawal symptoms without medical support.

The psychological treatment that takes place in an inpatient rehab that is tailored to the performance artist’s mentality will cover matters like performance anxiety, stage fright, identity crisis’ and travel lifestyles. It is not uncommon for the counselors and facilitators to have past experience on the stage and know from experience what kind of hardships a performance artist faces. The treatment material in residential rehab will consist of exercises, readings and workbooks, along with individual and group counseling. Therapeutic activities are also offered, such as yoga and nature walks, and diet and exercise is part of the regimen as well.

When the residential period is over, clients will be out in the world again but not alone, as support services continue even once the program is over. Clients will have access to the counselors they worked with during treatment and will be plugged into a network of support groups, meetings, sponsors and other addiction treatment services. If you or someone you know is a performance artist struggling with addiction, drug and alcoholism rehab centers could be the answer to the problem.

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